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3 Keys to Tax Credit Reviews

Methodology, Eligibility and Documentation

Successful SR&ED claims are built by, engineer driven industry experts, like the Technology Initiatives Group Ltd. For claim purposes preparation is the key to a successful tax claim, as well as protection against any CRA audits or reviews.

SR&ED program experience is required to validate:


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The CRA SR&ED Review Process

The Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA) validates all tax credit claims through a 2-step process procedure:

  1. First claims are processed and scanned for inconsistencies or errors
  2. Secondly Notices of Assessment are issued

Notices of Assessment may either:

  1. Reject a Claim or
  2. Request further review

Types of SR&ED Tax Credit

In the event that further information is requested, business can expect one of three review types:

A CRA review can have a negative impact on the overall operation of your business, as it takes away precious resources and time to ensure your claims are valid. By using an SR&ED expert, you will be protected by any CRA reviews, as you will have a highly skilled and trained expert to defend all your claims.

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