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3 Keys to Tax Credit Reviews

Methodology, Eligibility and Documentation Successful SR&ED claims are built by, engineer driven industry experts, like the Technology Initiatives Group Ltd. For claim purposes preparation is the key to a successful tax claim, as well as protection against any CRA audits or reviews. SR&ED program experience is required to validate: Your advances and content The experimental methodology and […]

R&D Tax Credits

What Are R&D Tax Credits? R&D tax credits are given by the Canadian government to encourage companies to undertake industry advancing projects that have financial risks. These Research and Development tax credits allow businesses of all sizes to advance technology, processes, or other aspects of one’s business, through a controlled and well documented program. Are […]

Free SRED Help

Claiming SRED Tax Credits? There Is Free Information & Help! Finding free help for your SRED claim can be near impossible, however the CRA has many free resources for first time claimants and those that have previously filed a claim. Some of the information available on the CRA site includes: Who can claim SR&ED tax […]

SRED Claims Guide

The SR&ED Technical Review: A Guide for Claimants The SR&ED Technical Review Guide, released by the CRA in 2015, is a concise guide on the process that the CRA undertakes when internally reviewing any SR&ED claims. It’s highly beneficial to any organization looking to put together their own scientific research and experimental development claim, to […]

SRED Tax Credit Changes

Federal SRED Legislative Changes There have been a number of changes to the SR&ED program as it relates to tax credit amounts. These changes were first introduced in 2012, and have recently come into effect under Bill C-43. The new changes in the program aim to focus the tax credits solely at the project, rather […]

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